Frequently Asked Questions

(please refer to the Participant Handbook under the “Participants” tab  on this site  for additional information including exemptions)

What is the purpose of Employment First?
To help you become employed by enhancing the job search skills you already have.

What is my Employment First case manager's role?
What is a master job application?
How do I determine what my job skills are?
What if I never completed high school?
What is the purpose of workfare programs?
What if I can’t afford the cost of transportation or other expenses associated with what Employment First requires of me?
What if I am already working part time?
What if I miss an Employment First appointment?
How do I receive food assistance again after being sanctioned?
I am an ABAWD, how do I get more than 3 months of food assistance in a 3 year period?
How often do I have to report to classes or appointments?
Who do I give my time sheets to and how do I submit them?
What is considered approved verification for being exempt from Employment First?
What kinds of companies participate in workfare programs?
What if I am a student? How am I supposed to meet all of the requirements and attend school?
How is the FA household determined?
How much will I receive in Food Assistance?
How is Employment First different than a Workforce center?
Can I still access food pantries while on food assistance?