Piton provides resource for low-income during tax season (1/2016)

FILE YOUR TAXES FOR FREE!  Anyone making less than $52,000 and have kids at home, shouldn’t miss out on these tax credits. Also, learn about how the affect of the Affordable Care Act during tax time.  Click on the hyper link to learn more.

Colorado Minimum Wage Set to Change (1/2017)

The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) has ordered a change in our state’s minimum wage rates effective January 1, 2017. For most Colorado employees, it will increase from $8.23 to $9.30 per hour. For tipped employees, the rate will increase from $5.21 per hour to $6.28 per hour.

The increase will not affect calculation for assigning Workfare hours.

Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA) for SNAP Benefits Update (10/2014)

This is to provide you an update on the October 2014 Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA)  for SNAP benefits and how it will affect Employment First. Please find the below information and attachment with information on food allotment increases. Adjustments will need to be made for Workfare hours for October 2014.

*As for example: Single Head of Household is $194.00, and divided by an $8.00 hourly rate of pay = 24.25 hours, rounding down will mean that the workfare hours assigned will be 24 hours.

Please make a note of the change and adjust accordingly.

Also, COLA runs’ sometimes create sanctions to post out a month later than they should, for example if a sanction was to begin 9/1/2014 the system may be creating the sanction to begin 10/1/2014. The COLA ran over this past weekend so if you find cases that the sanction has posted with the incorrect begin date you can send them to the EF Policy box and we can correct the dates. We can only do this up to the NOA date so be sure to get the cases to the policy box prior to NOA this month. If you have any questions regarding any of these changes please email Robbie at *protected email*.

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