Thursday Think Tanks are provided on a regular basis to share information through webinars and discussions.  They are to provide brief training on topics that help you do your work and confirm processes and expectations.

Think Tank topics rotate between the Employment First program and the Colorado Works/WFD program so be sure to target the topics you want and attend.

Scheduled Think Tank topics for January and February 2018

Thursday Think Tank presentations already completed and uploaded  for EF will have a live link attached:

  • November 2, 2017, Managing Your COGNOs Reports, EF
  • January 11, 2018,  Preparing for an audit/Q-Fit, Program Areas CW/AF
  • January 25, 2018, Potential income, Program Areas CW/AF
  • February 08, 2018, Coding Activities for Workforce Development, Program Area WFD
  • February 22, 2018, Employment First Good Cause, Program area EF
  • March 08, 2018, Aztec Training for Admins/Teachers to support participants in GED prep and Job Ready components, Agenda
    • If you are interested in the supporting materials relevant to this presentation you may find it through this file path on this site: EF Team>Training Materials>Current Staff…scroll to the bottom of the page.