About the Process to Refer Participants to Employment First

The referral process begins at the Colorado Food Assistance (FA) office. When a person is applying for, or being re-certified for, food assistance benefits, the FA technician does three things:

  1. Determines whether each household member should be work registered and referred to the Employment First (EF) Program
  2. Confirms that the individual is not exempt
  3. Refers the client an EF orientation using a Colorado Employment First Enrollment Form (EF-102)

Both applicants and recipients will be scheduled for their first orientation. The bottom portion of the EF-102 indicates the date, time, and location of the scheduled appointment. The first appointment with EF must be scheduled for no more than 14 days from the date of referral from the FA office.

The FA technician also provides a copy of the Colorado Food Stamp Job Search Work Registration Rights and Responsibilities Form (FS-62) to each person being referred to EF.

EF  creates a paper case file for every individual referred (unless state has approved an automated system) from the FA office which will contain all signed documents between EF and the participant. They will also data enter the information from the EF-102 into the Colorado Benefits Management System.

Building a good rapport within your particular county with the FA techs or using your liaison, is essential to having a viable approach to the service provided to participants. Having the EF 102’s completed accurately and receiving them timely is critical to good case management in Employment First.


Managing the Workflow of the Referral to Employment First

What do I do with the 102?