Archived Webinars with Supporting Materials

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*Thursday Think Tank for November 2, 2017, Please go to the Guidance Tab and in the Drop Down Menu click on Thursday Think Tank…

*Exemptions Overview (highlighting Unfit to Work, including the homeless population)

An April 2017 webinar was conducted using the following PowerPoint for counties to reference in implementing the exemption, while clarifying or reminding EF staff of the other program exemptions.  The actual webinar link is included under the below PowerPoint.

*County Hybrid Option

Effective the Federal Fiscal Year 2018 Counties could select an option on how to operate their Employment First program. This webinar points out the primary considerations and expectations for implementation.


In December 2018 a series of training webinars were completed as a placeholder that counties could access until more formal, in person, training could be arranged throughout the state.  Following is a link to where the webinars are posted.  This may be helpful for new workers or if you want to reminded on information.  Topics to each webinar follow the link. 

Training 1: General EF Program Information,  Referral Process, EF Talking Points for Eligibility

Training 2: Sanctions, Tickets and Exemptions

Training 3: Activities, Workfare and Enhanced Funding 

Training 4: Reports, Data Entry

The PowerPoint you find in the folder was used for the first three webinars.

*Soft Skills Training

Soft Skills are proven to be a great resource in building job seeking skills and job retention.

During the FFY 2016 we piloted a resource made available through an agreement with WIN Learning.  A variety of resources were provided for counties to use during the facilitating of soft skills instruction including curriculum, videos and activities.

At the end of that pilot period, a PowerPoint drafted by two counties piloting the information was made available and will remain accessible through the below links.  All other resources that were posted on the site during that time are not available now that the pilot period has ended. Suggested ways to use the PowerPoint include:

  • As an activity in Support Groups
  • As materials integrated into Competencies instruction
  • As specialized training provided to creatively enhance services

There is an example of a certificate below that you may reference to modify with county specific information  once a participant has completed coursework.  A webinar was conducted on April 25, 2016 that is also archived below to assist in understanding the materials.

*Note: Special thanks to Chaffee and Arapahoe Counties for drafting a presentation using these  soft skills resources.  We suggest you reference this information should you decide to develop your own soft skills training and facilitation materials, or simply just use the PowerPoint. Best Practices will continue to be identified and will inform how counties may want to pull the soft skills information together from many sources.

Following are links that bring you to a PowerPoint and a Certificate designed through the pilot:

BOSS Certificate 1.1

Chaffee BOSS WorkshopWlogos PPT (1)

Webinar  (April 25, 2016)   Soft Skills to Instruct Facilitatiors using the  WIN Learning Approach





Aztec Learning System is a resource that may be used on-line or may be requested in the form of disc from the State to get hard copy work assignments to satisfy Employment First’s employability activity:  “The software prepares students for higher levels of education, improves job performance, provides alternative means of education for adults and non-traditional students, and ultimately helps people realize their potential and meet their educational goals. The Aztec Learning System uses LIFE SKILLS scenarios to generate an individual Education Plan designed to focus on each student’s needs.”

For online use, each county is to identify up to two County Representative Contacts as administrators assigned to allow participants to access instruction.  Updating or informing who the County Representative Contact is done by email to Lindley Brooks  at

*Note: Effective June 2017 Aztec has updated their format for access and management of this resource explained in a pre-recorded webinar using the following Recorded Training Link:

Following are steps and considerations to access this resource:

  • County Representative Contacts responsible to assign and manage permissions to the participants are required to review an instructional webinar outlining how this learning tool is to work and gain a thorough understanding on how to connect and monitor users through this link:
  • Once the selected County Representative Contact is named and emailed to , permission will be granted and access allowed to log and manage participant usage in the system as outlined in the webinar.
  • There are up to 100 licenses available at any one time for participants to do their work.  The time the participant is on the online task is released to another user once the participant has signed off after they have finished their work.
  • Ensure an HTML5-compatible browser is used before accessing the site. The link to the site is: Following is a partial list of compatible browsers:
    • Internet Explorer 10 and higher
    • Mozilla Firefox 7 and higher
    • Google Chrome 14 and higher
    • Safari 5 and higher
    • Opera 11 and higher
    • Mobile Safari 3.2 and higher
    • Opera Mobile 5 and higher
    • Android 2.1 and higher
  • Reports on participant usage may be monitored as described in the webinar
  • It is recommended to deactivate users when they have completed the Aztec requirement they have agreed to, rather than delete them since it is easier to reactivate them should they move to another county or require more Aztec work.

Aztec conducted a webinar  training was conducted on March 8, 2018 and the following information with supporting materials were provided to help counties streamline use of the resource:


  • For support requests, Teachers should first submit their requests to their Admins at the county level. Admins should submit their requests to the state level via Jon Gallegos.
  • If needing to contact Aztec Software directly, please reference that you are part of CDHS Employment First (not your county name).
  • To access the archived webinar follow this file path in this area of the website:  EF Team> Guidance>Thursday Think Tank…click on the March 08, 2018 link


March 8, 2018 Webinar….(also located on Thursday Think  Tank Tab)

Quick Start Admin Guide

CDHS/CW – Best Practices for Admins/Teachers

Aztec Software Contact Info: